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FF #4 - Escalation Review


It's all about love this issue. Find out who has a crush on She-Hulk and what lengths they go to over it.

The Good

Matt Fraction is on a roll. While there is a bit of heavy subject matter where last issue left off and this one begins, there is so much fun contained in this comic. Scott Lang wants to "end Doom," which makes sense since he's the cause of his daughter's death. But that's not really how the Future Foundation works. It sets the stage for a great philosophical debate.

The real treat is the focus on She-Hulk. When Wyatt Wingfoot was brought in last issue for his advice on a certain development, long time FANTASTIC FOUR readers were on the edge of their seats, wondering what this would mean for him and Jen. Fraction depicts their time out together perfectly. There is a mix of nervousness and caution as we see two former lovers try to get over the awkwardness of hanging out and trying to figure out where they stand with each other.

Fraction also gives the Moloid kids, Mik, Korr, Turg and Tong some delightful time in the spotlight. They used to be all about "The Ben" but with the Fantastic Four off planet, we see their admiration shift which is a driving force of the story.

Mike Allred always manages to add life to any scenes. Whether it's a simple scene like She-Hulk applying make up or a confrontation between the team and their new guest, each page will make you pause as you enjoy what's being drawn. Laura Allred amazingly enhances it all taking the art to another level. The choices of colors used from inside the Baxter Building to a restaurant to a romantic outside scene during some snowfall is simply beautiful.

The Bad

I just loved this issue. In a time where comics can get really heavy, it's stories and art like this that gives reassurance that comics can be entertaining without having to be grim and gritty. How deep the story gets into the death of Scott's daughter remains to be seen but it's clear that comics don't have to be a major downer.

The Verdict

Matt Fraction, Mike Allred and Laura Allred make this series a breath of fresh air. Even though the story may not be crammed with intense superhero action, there is non-stop storytelling going on. Fraction is handling a large cast of characters with ease and the Allreds on art and color give life to Fraction's script. FF is a comic that will warm your heart. Often we get the same formulaic stories in mainstream comics but Fraction is able to juggle humor and action in his stories and reminds you why reading comics should be fun and entertaining.