Comic Vine Review


FF #19 - Safari


A fun filled, self-contained issue anyone can enjoy.

The good

If you're still not convinced that the students that study with Reed Richards are entertaining and interesting, then this issue will definitely prove to you that they are exactly that. These kids are interesting, entertaining and full of personality; and the way that Hickman depicts their interactions is absolutely hilarious.

In this issue readers are introduced to a new character, Onome, who opens the story by taking the kids on a tour of Wakanda. She's portrayed as being virtually as intelligent as Valeria, which I found really interesting. When it comes to a predicament in this issue, it's Onome that gets them kids out of a mess. I thought it was a great way to introduce a new character into the fold, and I hope that Hickman is able to really do a lot of interesting things with her.

As far as jumping on points go, I think this is the best. You don't really need to know what's going on in the main FANTASTIC FOUR title to really get an understanding for the events that transpire in this issue. If you've been following the main title, however, you will appreciate this issue even more. The artist, Gabriel Walta, did a fantastic job in this issue. I really thought his depiction of emotion really captured the fun and liveliness of the FF kids.

The Bad

There was nothing I didn't like about this issue.

The Verdict

Even though the Hyena clan was going up against a bunch of kids, there was no point where I didn't feel they were non-threatening. Hickman introduces them as adversaries that are powerful, intelligent and conniving -- so even though the kids managed to successfully outsmart them, they don't come across as weak. I loved this book. I loved the art, the pacing of the story, the dialogue, the emotion of these characters -- I thought it was all really great fun. I recommend this issue to anyone wanting to get into FF or FANTASTIC FOUR; it's a great place to start.