Comic Vine Review


FF #17 - The Roommate Experiment


Johnny Storm and Peter Parker move in together...and it does not end well.

The Good

After an intense crossover story in both FF and FANTASTIC FOUR, Hickman delivers a light hearted story that will have you grinning from ear to ear from start until finish. What happens when Johnny Storm and Peter Parker move into the same apartment? Well, let's just say these two boys are simply not compatible -- the result of which is an absolutely hilarious story.

If you are new to FF, this is a great read. It's a completely self-contained story that serves as an excellent introduction to both these characters, highlighting their unique differences as well as the friendship they share. As much of a practical joker Peter is, he's a a sucker for routine. Let's just say Johnny Storm would test anyone's patience. Completely oblivious to the fact that he's a horrible roommate, Johnny does everything from eat Peter's cereal (which you'll see on the front cover) to converting the coat closet into a portal into the negative zone.

If you've been reading Fantastic Four books for a long time you are probably already familiar with Johnny and Peter's friendship/relationship -- these two have been friends for a very long time. Nick Dragotta's classical style really serves to capture not only the fun and lighthearted feel of the book, but it will remind you of the way comics looked back in the Silver Age.

The Bad

I don't know how anyone else feels about this book, but I absolutely loved every minute I spent reading it.

The Verdict

Comics should be fun, and that's exactly what this comic book is. Not only is this a fantastic book that highlights on the friendship between Peter and Johnny, but it's the type of book that (stylistically) will leave old readers feeling nostalgic about the way comic books used to be. There is a ton of fantastic character interactions in this issue, and the art compliments the story perfectly. This is a gorgeous issue that isn't at all heavy like the last story that just ended in FF. Fun issue with a lot of fantastic elements. Great for both old and new readers alike.