Comic Vine Review


FF #15 - Operation: Latveria


The end is near. The FF prepare their massive plan of attack against Doom. Will it be enough?

The Good

Let's all take a moment and take in the splendor of this series.

As usual, this issue offers a great mix in tone. While there is so much humor and light-heartedness in each issue, the team has to prepare their attack against Doctor Doom. Doom may have been associated with the previous incarnation but he is not wearing the kid gloves. Lee Allred captures everyone's voice perfectly.

There is so much going on here and it's all glorious. We don't usually see attacks in this fashion. With the kids in the Future Foundation involved, you'll have a smile on your face even though we have angry Doom preparing to unleash his wrath.

Of course Mike Allred's art is in top form, as usual. Take note of the middle pages as we see more of the fight going on. Allred gets to draw so many different characters (sort of) and you'll find yourself in denial, trying to block out the thought that there's only one more issue of this series after this.

The Bad

No complaints. This comic is like nothing else. It will be missed after the next issue.

The Verdict

Doctor Doom is such a wonderful villain. FF continues to be a highly entertaining and humorous book while being filled with the vile nature of Doom preparing to do his worst. Lee Allred sets everything up and Mike and Laura Allred knock it out of the park. This is a comic I want to read over and over. The end is near and it looks like the series is going to end with a bang.