Comic Vine Review


FF #14 - 27 Minutes


The one where Doctor Doom goes kaput!

The Good

The FF series has been heating up over the course of the last few issues. Recently we saw the Future Foundation kids team up with Nathaniel Reed and Doctor Doom to the Mad Celestials. Having already the destroyed the Council, who will the Mad Celestials target next? More importantly, who will be able to defeat them? All eyes are on Doctor Doom in this one who must put aside his differences, selfishness and pride and take the Mad Celestials on. But will he?

Once again Valeria Richards shines in this issue. The banter between Val and her grandfather Nathanial Reed are superb. The two characters strategize a way to best thwart off the threat of the Celestials, and it comes at the expense of a rather unlikely hero. Hickman lays the story out very plainly for the reader in this discussion between Val and Nathaniel which is great and makes the seemingly complicated story rather easy to follow.

What really got me was the conversation between Doctor Doom and Valeria. There is this certain admiration and affection Valeria has for Doom which he reciprocates. Perhaps if he weren't playing the part of the evil villain, Doom would have been a decent Dad. The affection they hold for one another makes me wonder just how innocent Valeria really is.

The art in this issue is fun and seems to really capture the essence of the FF kids, even though it was sometimes hard to tell them apart.

The Bad

I am having a hard time understanding where this fits into the continuity of the Marvel Universe. Last I saw Doom he was fully healed and meeting up with Scarlet Witch. He had also been given this tremendous power. Here is seems he has made himself a martyr, and I am unsure where these events occur in the timeline.

The Verdict

The pacing was good. This book is a lot of fun. It's nice to see the kids take on so much responsibility but still act like kids. It doesn't feel stuffy or uptight, it feels like kids trying to save the world and it is really cute. The ending will leave you wanting more. Lot's of fun moments in this issue, I have definitely been enjoying this series.