Comic Vine Review


FF #13 - Moloid See, Moloid Do


Can the FF escape from the deadly machination of Doctor Doom? Of course they can. But you'll never guess where they escape to.

The Good

There appears to be no limit to just how wacky this comic can get. That doesn't mean this is a nonsensical comic. There is some heavy plot threads going on. With Doctor Doom involved, there is a heavy vibe going on. As usual, Doom is willing to do whatever necessary to accomplish his goal. If it means the death of others, that is not a concern for Doom.

The FF is still a relatively new team. Even with the brilliant kids, they're not always best equipped to handle someone as deadly as Doom. Then again, perhaps they are. With so many different characters involved, there is always someone that rises to the challenge of whatever comes their way. Scott Lang, Ant-Man, is proving more and more, just how capable of a leader he is. He still has it out for Doom for the death of his daughter. This creates the awkward tension when he is also responsible for the rest of his team and the children.

With access to Matt Fraction's script notes, Lee Allred has taken over the series with ease. Having Mike and Laura Allred on board as well makes for some seriously groovy times. The Allreds are willing to take the characters wherever the story calls for. They are even willing to drop a mega bombshell about a certain bald headed character that lives on the moon.

This continues to be such an odd and amazing series. There is a deep light-hearted nature to the series but it is also crammed with dark and serious aspects. You never know what's going to happen next and the art and color captures the vibrant and fun nature of the stories.

The Bad

There were a couple minor moments where things looked a little off. Nothing really worth noting.

The fact that the series is ending with issue 16 is heart-breaking.

The Verdict

FF continues to be the wackiest and most compelling comic series on the stands. Lee Allred seems to have taken over the series from Matt Fraction with ease and Mike Allred's art with Laura Allred's colors makes this a joy to look at. There is a wide range of emotion and feeling as we witness Doom's evil and murderous ways along side the fun and goofy scenes involving the Future Foundation children. Things may be taking a slight turn as the story continues to unfold. There's no telling what's coming next but you can bet it's going to be a blast.