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FF #12 - Too Many Kids


Continuing from the pages of the massive FANTASTIC FOUR #600, the Future Foundation kids find themselves in Latveria. Not only do they have Doctor Doom to deal with but also the evil alternate reality Mister Fantastic.

The kids are on their own and on the run. With Doctor Doom, Nathaniel Richards and an evil Mister Fantastic, where will they find the help they need?

The Good

Regardless of trying to make sense of the numbering now between FF and FANTASTIC FOUR, the decision to continue the series with the Future Foundation is going to be fun. The more you read of Jonathan Hickman's stories, the more you realize he must have this all planned out. Now that the kids are away from Reed, Sue and the rest, it's going to be interesting to see what role Nathaniel and Doctor Doom play in guiding, protecting or manipulating the kids. They might have Alex Power as the only closest adult on the team and Valeria's brain but it's not going to be an easy task in trying to avoid danger.

Another great thing is since it was last week that FANTASTIC FOUR #600 was released, we only have to wait a week to find out where Valeria translocating everyone. For too long, many of the other members were kept in the background while the focus was on the former Fantastic Four members (and Spider-Man). Now that the adults are out of the picture, we get to see a little more and have to wonder how long until Reed and Sue call them home for supper.

The shining factor is the feeling that Hickman has something up his sleeve. With Nathaniel Richards sticking around and occasionally dropping hints of future events, you just get the feeling of excitement along with the unknown. He's never been the most trustworthy or reliable character. With the lives of Valeria and Franklin in his hands, you can't help but wonder where the story is going to go. Throw in Doctor Doom, Kristoff and the evil Reed Richards, there's a lot to keep you in suspense.

The Bad

I've lost track of how many different artists this series has had. We're only at issue twelve and we keep seeing the art style change. While we get some interesting backgrounds, some of the faces and body sizes looked a little rough. There were times I wasn't sure who was supposed to be who. Apparently Alex Power's hair got darker since FANTASTIC FOUR #600.

There's the risk of the kids getting too cutesy. That's part of the charm, having intelligent kids like Valeria and Bentley speaking their minds but there was a couple moments where the dialogue of action was borderline to being too much.

The Verdict

The Future Foundation kids have left the roost. If the excitement over FANTASTIC FOUR #600 left you on the edge of your seat, we only had to wait a week to find out where the Future Foundation kids ended up. With Doctor Doom, Nathaniel Richards and an evil alternate reality Reed Richards, this isn't going to be a walk to the park (or playground) for the kids. The idea of having separate series focusing on the Fantastic Four adults and the Future Foundation kids is interesting. We'll have to stay tuned to see how much crossover we get or if the kids will be given the chance to shine on their own. The art is the only problem here. Throughout the twelve issues we've had several different artists on the book. Unfortunately some of the kids are hard to distinguish from the others and even the heights feel off when they are all walking together. Hickman's writing gives you the feeling that he has a massive plan in the works and it's more than enough to keep you hooked. Who needs the Fantastic Four adults when you have all these wacky characters along with Doctor Doom and Nathaniel Richards? As long as Hickman continues whatever massive storyline he has planned, I'm looking forward to reading both series.