Comic Vine Review


FF #12 - Mind Mischief


We should start calling this book "Fantastic Fun." There's so much goofy nonsense going on along with some dark undertones and so many likable characters. This is the goods.

The Good

Matt Fraction may be stepping out but the heart and essence of the characters remains intact. Lee Allred joins Mike and Laura Allred and there's non-stop fun.

It's been said before. Despite the quirky nature of this book and the characters' behavior, there is still quite a bit of darkness seeping under the surface. Scott Lang is a troubled man. He is still suffering from the loss of his daughter. Doom's hold over Alex Power is sad (even if he was a jerk and brought it upon himself). The addition of Adolf Impossible to the Future Foundation kids adds another player to the book and with Maximus the Mad, the alien Julius Caesar and old-man Johnny Storm, there really is no telling what will happen next.

The art and color are phenomenal. It perfectly enhances the mood of the book and regardless if the tone is upbeat or seriously dire, you can't help but feel good looking at it.

The main thing is this book is a joy to read. Even with Doctor Doom scheming his evil plans, you almost get a warm feeling. There aren't many books that can make you laugh or chuckle that aren't pure satire. This is a serious superhero book that happens to be fun and entertaining with humor at all the right moments.

The Bad

Nothing bad. This is likely my favorite comic of the week.

The Verdict

Who would have thought reading a superhero comic could be so much fun? While this is a serious book with Scott Lang trying to deal with the death of his daughter and his hatred for Doom, there are still so many opportunities for humor to jump out at you. With Lee Allred taking over from Matt Fraction's notes, he clearly makes a great addition to the team of Mike and Laura Allred. I can't get enough of this book. There are so many characters in this title yet they all get just the right amount of "screen time" to make you appreciate each and every one of them. We need more comics like FF.