Comic Vine Review


FF #11 - The Possible Boy


The FF are determined to find the Fantastic Four by traveling back through time. Yeah, that can't go well, right? And what does the Impossible Man want with them?

The Good

This series just brings a smile to my face with each issue. It's refreshing to have a comic book series set in an established comic book universe that is allowed to tell more unconventional stories. As the sister title to FANTASTIC FOUR, it's such a polar opposite seeing what transpires in these pages. The fact that both series are written by Matt Fraction makes it all the more brilliant.

With the Fantastic Four missing/busy going through time dealing with their own problems, it's up to Scott Lang and the other adults in the Future Foundation to make sure everything runs smoothly. The Fantastic Four were only supposed to be gone for four minutes (time travel would be involved with their journey). Something went wrong and to make things worse, there's been plenty of other problems popping up including a Doomed future (yeah, it involves Doctor Doom, hence the capital D). With a time-traveling Julius Caesar's ship (read the last issue and FANTASTIC FOUR #5), the team decides to head back to find the Fantastic Four. That's where Impossible Man comes in. It just gets crazier from there.

Fraction manages to throw so much at us in each issue. Aside from a crazy plan that involves time travel (if time travel is involved can it ever not be crazy?), seeing the kids up to their shenanigans, an odd choice for a substitute teacher, the bickering between the ladies on the team and the humor sprinkled all over the place, it should be evident why this is such an enjoyable series. And it's not just about funny stuff. Fraction often sneaks in some heavy duty stuff as well like a kid's emotions and the topic of self deprecation.

Of course there's also Mike Allred's art and Laura Allred's colors that make this book shine even brighter that you would think possible. Fractions scripts are great but the Allreds always make things zanier and more entertaining.

The Bad

Even when taking on heavier issues or featuring 'villains' I'm not super crazy about, this issue continues to provide pure entertainment.

The Verdict

There's a reason this series is always at the top of my list of favorites month after month. Actually, there's a few of them and they include Matt Fraction, Mike Allred and Laura Allred. From the writing to the art to the wacky characters and situations, you never know what to expect here except for fun times. This book feels like it's allowed to do things that a Marvel Comic shouldn't be able to do. It's full of wit, sarcasm, action and adventure and manages to stand out from the typical comic. It's not just about being funny as there are often heavier aspects sneaking their way throughout the story. FF is a series that delivers. Who would have thought reading comics could be so much fun?