Comic Vine Review


Fatale #6 - Book Two: The Devil's Business


We get a closer look at the Method Church and it's methods in the latest issue of FATALE.

The Good

Who is Josephine? I think one thing that makes this series so good is that we are six issues into the book and we still don't actually know who she is, where she came from, and what her connection to this cryptic cult is. We also don't know why when she speaks to men, they listen; and they always do. This issue jumps around, from the present into the past. It's the flashback into the past that we learn a little bit more about this secret cult and what it's all about. Who are these characters? Where did they come from? Why do they exist?

There are some definite moments that reaffirm the fact that Josephine is this ageless beauty; although we still don't actually know why she doesn't age. And we also don't know a whole lot about her. I think that Brubaker's weaving of this story so gradually is part of what makes the reading experience so enticing. The fact that the creative team trickles out the information so slowly is part of what makes this book so good. This issue, like the ones before it, is beautiful. Not only does it have pretty pictures, but it contains a rivetting story that will leave the reader at the edge of his or her seat; completely enthralled in the events of the story.

The Bad

If you have been reading this series, issue six will in no way disappoint you.

The Verdict

This issue is brilliant. It's dark, gritty and most of all, mysterious. Just when we think we know more about what's happening in this series, we realize there is so much we don't know. It's this kind of story telling that keeps things really interesting. This is definitely not a good jumping on point for new readers. I think to really get the most out of this story, you need to start from the beginning. As one of my favorite ongoing books right now, I highly recommend this series to any one who is a fan of dark, gritty noir that will keep you guessing. Beautiful book. I highly recommend it.