Comic Vine Review


Fatale #5


Brubaker continues to weave suspense, the occult and crime noir into what is turning out to be one of the best indie comics on the market.

The Good

Based on some of the scenes we saw in the last issue, walter's first appearance in issue #5 of Fatale is not what I expected. His character's motives -- which up until now seemed to still be enamored with Josephine -- shows his true colors at the very start of this issue, and it's crazy.

If there's a word to sum up the reading experience of this comics a whole it's suspense. brubaker continues to weave this dark tale of crime noir and the occult effortlessly. His ability to move the story is unparalleled and flows beautifully off the pages.

Both Josephine and her most recent lover Hank must face the demons that stalk and terrorize them, and it's creepy. Artist Sean Phillips continues to create one gorgeous panel after the next; his art capturing the essence and tone of the story beautifully.

Brubaker continues to peel back the layers of this secret occult organization in a way that will surprise you and keep you enthralled in the story. What kind of an organization is this and why are they doing what they are doing? Details surrounding the group begins to come to light.

The Bad

This one is equally as grim, scary and entertaining as the last few issues. I have no complaints.

The Verdict

Brubaker continues to weave his brilliant tale of mystery and suspense; leaving readers on the edge of their seats yearning for more of this brilliant story. Nothing is what it seems, and there's a twist at every corner of this plot. These characters have depth, appeal, and are incredibly provoking -- particularly Josephine. Brubaker uncovers just enough of the story to pique the interest of his readers, but keeps them in the dark about the majority of the tale. Fantastic art, provoking plot, perfect pacing. If you like the occult, crime noir, mystery and a little suspense; this is a comic book you won't regret picking up. Not recommended as a jumping on point for new readers.