Comic Vine Review


Fatale #2


Brubaker and Phillips deliver yet another brilliant issue of their new creator owned series, FATALE.

The Good

The best comic book is the kind where the reader is completely sucked into the story. Yes panel after panel and page after page that same reader is also hounded with hundreds of questions going well beyond the who, what and where's. The second issue of FATALE is by far one of the best comic books to be released this week.

In the first issue we met Josephine through the eyes of Nicolas Lash, as both characters bonded over the mourning of Lash's godfather. That was the present. The second issue takes readers back into the past, the 1950's to be exact, introducing readers to Josephine's acquaintances, reporter Hank Raines and her secret lover detective Walk Booker. As far as Josephine is concerned, there is very little we actually do know about her. The character is completely shrouded in mystery, and the only observation we can make is that she is connected to these three men and that she is more than just a little bit superstitious. What is her connection to the occult order we saw in the first issue, and why does she repeat the symbol here? What is the meaning? And how dark is this book going to get?

As a lover of crime noir and suspense, this title seems to present absolutely everything I would want in a great comic book. Brubaker and Phillips more than provide the reader with an incentive to come back for more -- by the final page you will be left yearning, with more questions than answers. Phillips captures elements of noir brilliantly. He captures fear, despair, sexuality and mystery with perfection. The story is incredible, the characters will completely capture your imagination and the art is simply stunning.

The Bad

No complaints here. Gorgeous book.

The Verdict

After presenting readers with an absolutely breathtaking first issue, it's hard to believe Brubaker could top the first issue -- but he did. The story is slowly coming together and readers will be able to witness the first connections between characters. Still, there are plenty of things we still do not know. What is the connection between Josephine and these three men? What is her connection to this occult organization? How dark will Brubaker delve? This is one of the best books out right now. Highly recommend this title to anyone who loves a good mystery.