Comic Vine Review


Fatale #13 - Down the Darkest Trail


The story of 'Black' Bonnie is revealed in the latest issue of this series.

The Good

This issue introduces us to a new character, likely one of Josephine's descendants: Bonnie. Bonnie is a character that has survived plenty of hardships, and has lived many lives, so to speak. The character had done many things throughout her life, and Brubaker briefly takes readers through different points in the woman's life. She had done many things, and been many different types of women, but the constant was that she has the same powers as Josephine: they have the ability to control men.

Both women are similar, but unlike Josephine, Bonnie is able to control her powers. Not only is she able to have men do her bidding, but if they look at her a certain way she is able to basically make them commit suicide. It's a rather interesting revelation and one that had sort of been hinted at in previous issues of this series.

The art of course, is beautiful. Artist Sean Phillips knocks it out of the park once again: the man sure knows how to impress with his minimalist style that really adds depth to Brubaker's story. The story itself is equally good, the pacing is appropriate and there are surely moments that will leave you wondering.

The Bad

Unlike the issues that came before it, this one doesn't really clear up the story for readers very much. Each issue, up until this point, has added another level to Josephine's powers and abilities, but this one doesn't really do that. Although really good, this issue feels a little bit like a filler in the sense that at this point I am not sure how it adds to the overall story and over-arching theme.

The Verdict

This issue was good, but certainly not Brubaker's best as far as this series as a whole is concerned (then again the bar has been set relatively high). The art is, once again, really great and compliments the story very well. I love the way Phillips illustrates the landscape in this issue, it really sets the tone for the story rather well. The result is another pretty issue. Since this is a self-contained story, it would make an alright jumping on point for someone who has not yet read this series.