Comic Vine Review


Fatale #10


What is the extent of Josephine's powers? What will Miles think of her when he discovers the truth? All this and more in the latest issue of FATALE

The Good

Ten issues in and it feels like we are just beginning to dig into this crazy story. For those of you that have been reading, you will definitely want to pick up this week's issue as it is the conclusion to the five-part story arc we've been reading. For those that haven't picked up this series and are looking to start, don't ruin the story for yourself by starting here.

This issue really justifies the last nine. There is excitement, adventure, tons of suspense and of course, mystery. The way that Brubaker has been presenting his story has been in a way that leaves readers in suspense, and that has added to the story and has kept many of us coming back for more. Piecing the puzzle pieces of this twisted tale together has been half the fun. Josephine's powers are revealed to Miles, and he begins to better understand the kind of woman he is dealing with and the sort of power that she holds over men. The question is, will the knowledge of that power change him? Will it break the spell she has had over him? Has their romance been real? And will he continue to help her knowing that there is a good chance he has been manipulated? I still have a lot of questions about the extent of her powers and how much control she can exert on a man. Does she intentionally make them fall for her, or is it something that just happens? The fact that readers simply don't know the extent of her abilities and her motives definitely does help keep you hooked and interested in the story. Additionally, what are her motives? It is very clear that in this issue, Josephine is painted in a far darker light in the way that she reacts to the death around her. She's a complex character and we are just beginning to learn how complicated she really is.

The art, as usual, is flawless. Sean Philips does a beautiful job illustrating issue #10 of this series and paints a very dark portrait of the characters and their surroundings to match the dark tone and themes that Brubaker has presented in his story. I love the colors and the washes Philips uses for flashback scenes; it really distinguishes these characters and moments and separates them from the current story.

The Bad

Nothing bad here, one of the best issues in this series so far.

The Verdict

Although Brubaker may have answered a lot of questions about the characters, their motives and the extent of their powers in FATALE #10; he still manages to leave us with even more questions about just exactly it is that is going on in this story. That is what I love about this series. Just when the reader gets one step ahead, Brubaker pushes us ten steps backward. It adds to the mysterious tone of the story as well as a lot of suspense. This issue is fantastic and is a breath of fresh air for this series. It will definitely leave you excited about the story and have you at the edge of your seat waiting for more.