Comic Vine Review


Fatale #1 - Book One: Death Chases Me


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips join forces for another crime-noir masterpiece

The Good

The occult meets crime-noir in a book by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips that will leave you with more questions than answers. Who was Dominic Raines? Why did he die, and what does that death have to do with Nicolas Lash? More importantly though, who is this mysterious woman Josephine and how does she know to be at the right place at the right time? What is her connection to both Lash and Raines?

These are only some of the questions you will be left with following the first issue of FATALE. If there was ever a comic book that merited a perfect score, that served as a perfect example of what it means to deliver a "perfect issue," this would be it.

Immediately, the reader is thrown into a world where crime-noir, mystery and the occult converge into this perfect recipe of delicious disaster -- at least, as far as the characters are concerned. You get the impression that Brubaker has no sympathy for the characters he has created and no problem putting them through the ringer to see exactly where they end up. The result is an absolute masterpiece.

The first issue is organized into two parts; the prologue and the first chapter. We are initially introduced to the two characters and given a brief background of their relationship to one another. Within the very first pages the reader will be taken almost completely by surprise. The level of action and mystery sucks the reader into the story and does not let you go. Brilliant storytelling, breathtaking art.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. Brilliant issue, exciting story, gorgeous art.

The Verdict

This edge of your seat thriller combines aspects of mystery, crime and drama eloquently and beautifully tied together with Sean Phillips' breathtaking art. From every panel depicting Josephina's sexy and alluring nature, to the creepy, graphic crime scenes we find at the end of the issue -- Phillips does it all, and he does it brilliantly well.