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Evil Ernie #4 - Origin of Evil Part 4


It's the continuation of Ernie's origin. Things didn't go too well for him last issue.

The Good

I may have said it before but I always dismissed Evil Ernie for a sort of evil character that did a lot of killing. Not having read any of the previous comics, I have been enjoying this current take by Jesse Blaze Snider. We've been witnessing the birth of Evil Ernie and finding out what he's really all about. There is more complexity to him than I previously imagined. He may do a lot of killing and the comic contains a lot of gruesome scenes but there's more to the character than cheap kills. We're seeing the layers of the character with the possibility that he has a higher purpose to serve. That's not something I thought I'd see in an Evil Ernie comic.

The story's pacing continues to build and build throughout the issue. Just when you think you've seen it all, more insane developments are thrown at Ernie.

The Bad

Maybe I'm just not too familiar with other events in this "world" but so far there's been a lot of demons and destruction. It seems like the reactions from others is too accepting. This world appears to be a normal, realistic one that is suddenly seeing these strange events and no one is really flipping out over it all. We're also seeing Ernie's dad remarkably handle the things that have happened to him without blinking an eye.

There were some moments the art fell a little short. There were some scenes that looked good but I got distracted at some points over minor inconsistencies.

The Verdict

There is clearly more to Evil Ernie that I previously thought. I always saw him as a simple one-dimensional character. This series is showing that there is more to be seen about the character and this is the chance to see how his character will be fleshed out. The biggest problems for me was some inconsistencies with the art. There were moments trying to follow the pacing threw me off as I got distracted. I love seeing how Ernie develops here and it just feels like there is so much more we don't know. If you're looking for a fun read with crazy over-the-top scenes, check out what's going on in EVIL ERNIE.