Comic Vine Review


East of West #1 - One: Out of the Wasteland


A new comic from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta. All you need to know is you definitely need to buy this comic.

The Good

EAST OF WEST is a series that I somehow forgot about. I remember hearing about it when it was announced then I think I subconsciously blocked out any news or information until today. EAST OF WEST is the latest comic from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta. Set in an apocalyptic time with the Four Horsemen involved, this is a comic that could just possibly blow your mind.

In typical Hickman fashion, from the moment you start reading, you immediately get the sense there's a humongous overall story going on here. As you see the characters introduced on the pages, you're not quite sure what is going on at first. You will find it really doesn't matter. That ominous feel sucks you right in and you can't help but want to continue reading. This is an instance where you can become submerged into the story without needing to know everything that is or was going on.

Hickman's big story is enhanced by Nick Dragotta's art and Frank Martin's colors. I quickly became captivated with each character. Everything looks so crisp and clean, I almost didn't want to handle the pages out of fear of smudging or bending the pages.

This is a comic that I absolutely need more of.

The Bad

This comic was a joy to read. You do feel there is a lot going on. We don't have all the answers and there's a tiny bit of confusion at the beginning. It just looks so good and the story grabs you that you won't even notice.

The Verdict

I want more comics like EAST OF WEST. It shouldn't be a surprise being that the comic is from Jonathan Hickman. Teaming up with Nick Dragotta once again and with Frank Martin's colors, it not only is a captivating read, the art and color will make your eyes happy. With a futuristic/sci-fi Western feel, this comic stands apart from the others on sale. There's something for everyone here. All you need to know is this is not a comic you should miss out on. It's the next big comic people will be talking about. It's a comic you'll be happy you read.