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Earth 2 Annual #2 - Origin


Earth 2 continues to be a completely different universe as we get all the answers on who the new Batman is.

The Good

Batman may have died in EARTH 2 #1 but we all know a DC Universe, regardless of what 'dimension' it is, needs a Batman. We've seen a mysterious new Batman in action. Being even more no-nonsense than what we're used to, it's been fun and interesting wondering who it could be. While there have been rumors as to who would be under the cowl, this is the issue we find out all the details as to who and why.

How many times have we seen a Batman origin? There's been numerous Elseworlds stories but Tom Taylor makes this rendition stand out. There's an interesting aspect in giving a specific time period to that moment Thomas, Martha and young Bruce Wayne were in Crime Alley facing Joe Chill. Seeing the Waynes in the 70s is a trip. Robson Rocha does a great job capturing the early vibe in the story and seeing his Earth 2 Batman (Bruce Wayne) makes me crave seeing more.

The Bad

Of course there may be some that will have issues with this new telling of the Batman legend. But that's the beauty of having something like Earth 2. This isn't the regular DCU. Having a completely similar story as the New 52 version would just be redundant.

The Verdict

Earth 2 is a chance to see different takes on familiar characters. That is exactly what is being done. We all know the story of Batman but Tom Taylor is taking full advantage of the opportunities Earth 2 allows. This is a different take on who Batman and the Waynes were. It's not so completey removed from what we know so there are still plenty of traces to the sacred origin. Robson Rocha delivers an interesting take on the time period and it all makes you want to see more. Even if you haven't been reading Earth 2, this is a comic anyone can jump into and enjoy. EARTH 2 is shaping up to be a place where anything can happen. That keeps you on the edge of your seat.

*Note: Strangely, the digital version has a character named Francesco Francavilla while the printed version calls him Frankie Falcone.