Comic Vine Review


Earth 2 #9 - The Tower of Fate: Prologue, The Man who was Scared


Doctor Fate makes his first appearance in the latest issue of this ongoing series.

The Good

I really like the way Robinson is writing Kendra's character. She is this no-nonsense chick with a serious attitude. Robinson has a great idea of who she is and what her character would do and say in any given situation, and that is becoming more and more clear as this series progresses. He's writing her in a really interesting way and it's nice to see this version of Hawkgirl evolve.

The scene featuring the World Army is really well plotted and flows really effortlessly. The way each panel connects and the transitions between one to the next is virtually seamless which is really impressive and makes this moment one of the highlights of the issue. There is a two-page spread where the Flash is getting his butt kicked that is just chock-full of raw emotion and power, and that was one of the things I really loved seeing.

I think many people were anxiously anticipating the first appearance of Doctor Fate, and I think fans of the character will not be disappointed. It is a great introduction to a character who is really hesitant about using his own powers, even if it is for good, and it is interesting. I like the fact that Khalid Ben-Hassin isn't Doctor Fate just yet, that he still has to figure out what his powers are and that he is denying the inevitable. It feels like a natural progression for the character and it is good to see a character who doesn't blindly accept the powers bestowed upon him. It feels natural and makes the character feel grounded and "normal," an average person would have some difficulty accepting a huge change like mystical power. It's appropriate and I am glad Robinson went this route.

Nicola Scott's pencils are, once again, pretty fantastic. Scott does an incredibly job illustrating this vibrant world and proving that she is perfect for this type of a series. There is a lot of action and very pretty, stylized heroes and I think those are qualities that really reflect the story.

The Bad

It is unclear as to why Kendra is so hell bent on making Alan Scott her enemy. I completely understand that the two don't get along, and she is definitely not happy with the way the battle with Grundy went down, but I'm unclear as to why she felt it necessary to shoot a rocket launcher at a dummy. Maybe she's just practicing her use of heavy artillery at very, very short range.

The next scene that I thought was a bit strange was where the Atom jams his fist through the roof of The Flash's house. It just reads a bit strange the way the scene unfolds. I get that the Flash would need to be taken by surprise in order to be captured, and that is what happens here, but it comes across as a bit silly.

The Verdict

There were definitely some moments in this issue where I felt the story had gotten a bit silly, but overall, it was a really fun read. I think that Robinson is really starting to embrace these characters, and it is clear in the way that he has written both Kendra and Khalid. This issue, like previous issues, is easy to read: the story just flows really effortlessly. The layout is great, the art matches the story really well and overall this is just a fun read. It's great to see these characters evolve in an interesting way, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.