Comic Vine Review


Earth 2 #7 - Heaven Sent


As Alan Scott's loss begins to manifest itself, the character is confronted by Hawkgirl.

The Good

This issue starts off really strong. Robinson lets artist Yildiray Cinar tell the story on pages two and three, giving the artist a little bit of room to work and interpret the grief of a certain character in his own way. I think these two pages are very important to the series and I think they are very telling of the character and the experience he has been struggling with. Alan Scott's partner was killed in a tragic accident early on in the issue, and we haven't seen him properly grieve until now. Robinson has been doing a great job constructing Scott as this "type-A" personality, and this scene are his emotions finally bubbling over and spilling out. I think that's definitely something that was needed and I think this was an appropriate time to write that scene. What was great about that moment though wasn't just the focus on Alan Scott and his grief, but also the introduction to Hawkgirl. Readers are finally given something beyond an introduction and a name, and gain some insight into who this character is, where she comes from and what her motives are. She feels a lot like a leader -- even more-so than Alan Scott -- and it's interesting to see the two characters butt heads in this issue.

As much as I have enjoyed Nicola Scott on this series, I really felt that Yildiray Cinar's pencils are very complimentary to Robinson's tone and the world he's constructed in EARTH 2. The change in artist isn't at all jarring or uncomfortable; it's actually quite nice. Yildiray's artistic style is definitely a little bit different, but it's just as good and just as pretty as Nicola Scott's.

This series features a very eclectic group of people, and I think Robinson likely put a lot of thought and consideration into that fact. The characters are all very different and their cultural differences as well as their very different and very unique personalities really shine in this issue. Khan's character, especially, is very well written and interesting and I feel he's a great addition to this book. I think the scene where Khan and Sloan butt heads is really interesting and it reads as a great set-up for stories to come.

The Bad

Nothing really bad here. Robinson delivers a solid story with some really pretty art.

The Verdict

This is a big step up (at least for me) from previous issues, I think, because of Robinson's focus on the distinct personalities of the different characters in his series. The tone of this issue is definitely very different from previous issues. Up until this point, all the books in this series have focused heavily on superhero action, but this issue feels more like a spy-thriller. It's definitely an interesting change of pace, but a welcomed one. This issue veers away from the focus on the core "team" (that isn't quite a team yet) and leans on a different side of the story. Robinson has certainly complicated things and has made things more interesting and although the writer definitely seems to be approaching this issue slightly differently, it still feels like an EARTH 2 superhero-genre comic, just with a little bit more spy action and maybe a bit of strategy. I definitely enjoyed this change of pace and felt this to be one of Robinson's strongest issues thus far.