Comic Vine Review


Dream Police #2


People often wish for a life of dreams but that isn’t quite the case for the Dream Police in the Dreamscape.

The Good

I simply love J. Michael Straczynski’s notion of how the Dreamscape works. In the very first one-shot, he introduced us to a couple members of the Dream Police. It’s their duty to patrol the different areas of the Dreamscape including the different denizens that reside or work there along with the dreamers that visit.

This issue shows us some of the different areas as well as some of the different inhabitants. What makes this more than just a tour of the place is the fact that Joe Thursday remembers always being a Dream Police. He always remembers having Kate Black as his partner. The problem is, as we saw last issue, she really wasn’t always his partner. For some reason, his former partner, Frank Stafford, has disappeared and Joe doesn’t remember him. But there’s a nagging feeling at the back of his mind.

Straczynski inter-weaves this story thread along with a case the two detectives have to deal with. This allows us to see more of the Dreamscape and discover more about what it’s like to be a Dream Police.

Sid Kotian’s art and the colors by HiFi helps to flesh out the different areas and characters we see. With each scene, you wonder what more there is to see. The way each area is described and depicted makes you take in every detail in each panel.

The Bad

There are times you’re left wondering how exactly everything works. Sure, it’s the dreamscape but it seems some things are bound to certain physics but others are not. The detectives drive a care but other residents can fly around. I’m not saying we should have a set rule book or listing of how everyone and everything works but sometimes it feels like we have a lot thrown together. It's a little unclear how everything works and fits together but that could just be the nature of the place.

The main plot point of Joe’s missing partner almost takes a backseat to the case they’re working on that doesn’t seem to be of huge importance to the overall story.

The Verdict

If you’ve ever been fascinating by the idea or notion of dreams or a dreamscape, you’ll want to check this out. J. Michael Straczynsi is creating and fleshing out his version of it all and we’re learning more of the residents and the Dream Police. Sid Kotian’s art depicts the different residents and adds to the bigger feel of the dreamscape. The main hook of the story is slightly put on hold as we see the detectives investigating a case but it does allow us to learn more of the dreamscape. I’m grateful to see the return of this comic and can’t wait to find out where the story is going to go.