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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 - Revolutions of Terror Part 1


Titan Comics unleashes their first Doctor Who comic!

The Good

Creatures are haunting a family. Can The Doctor intervene and save them? It's a pretty typical Doctor Who story that really feels like you're watching an episode of the show, during the David Tennant years. Writer Nick Abadzis does a fine job at capturing the 10th Doctor's voice and speech patterns. Fans will feel like they're getting a lost episode from the 10th Doctor.

The art team of Elena Casagrande and colorist Arianna Florean, with a slew of other colorists, does a fine job on the issue. The art is really crisp and clear. And while there are a ton of colorists helping out on this issue, the colors are fantastic. Casagrande does a wonderful job at setting the tone in this issue. She keeps is suspenseful and there's a twinge of horror in the visual storytelling, much like "The Impossible Planet"/"Satan Pit."

The issue itself is full of mystery and sets up the world very nicely. Adadzis understands how the series works and channels it well. It's an adventure and fun to follow everything that's happening on the page, and Abadzis really captures the reader's attention at the end of the issue as the Doctor saves the day, for now.

The Bad

The issue spends a lot of time jumping through secondary characters and setting up the villain of the story. There's very little Doctor in here and for a first issue, it felt a bit too jumpy and chaotic, However, it's still a fine start. The book throws readers into this new series like nothing is new. It almost feels like it's jumping into the middle of a series.

The Verdict

This is Titan Comics' first jump into Doctor Who books, and out of the two they released this week, The Tenth Doctor was on overall stronger single issue. Whovians will really enjoy how much this feels like and episode of the series. On the downside, the issue is a bit jumpy and feels like jumping into the middle of the series. However, overall, this is a fantastic start to a new series.