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Divergence FCBD Special Edition #1 - The Rookie; Exposed; Darkseid War, Prologue Two: The Other Amazon


Big humongous things are happening for BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE. You don't want to miss this issue.

The Good

There is so much being set up in the three stories here. We've been patiently waiting for things to kick into gear as soon as Convergence ends. This issue gives us a taste that will blow you away.


You may have heard the spoilers for this section. If you read this week's BATMAN #40, you know things ended on pretty dour note. This story does pick up "two months since the Joker unleashed his deadly endgame on Gotham." Without giving anything away, we do get a glimpse at the new Batman robo-suit as well as why the suit is needed and will be used. There's also some other developments that could impact Gotham City from a business standpoint. It definitely fits in with the overall mythos of the Batman universe seen in a certain animated series.

Being written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo and Danny Miki and colors by FCO Plascencia, there's no denying the feel or importance of these eight pages. We have the BATMAN creative team telling an important story. This isn't filler for Free Comic Book Day. This is setting the stage for the next chapter.


Oh man. Did you read SUPERMAN #40? Something pretty big happened on the last page. It was something I figured would be spread out and explored in the coming months. I was wrong. This story may have jumped forward a little. We see the repercussions of that little development hit Superman in an extremely massive way. It's no joke when we say things are changing for Superman. If this is where Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr are taking the series, it's going to be pretty crazy. I keep wondering how the heck is Superman going to get out of this mess?


As with the other two above, if you read JUSTICE LEAGUE #40, you saw the first appearance (finally) of a character that's been teased in the New 52 for some time. This is basically her origin. All this leads up to the Darkseid War. As you would expect from Geoff Johns in a FCBD issue, we get some insane glimpses into the fate of the Justice League members. Johns knows how to set things up and tease them in big ways. Jason Fabok's art, of course, is freaking amazing.

The Bad

Nothing at all bad here unless you're unable to get this. These three stories are crucial and essential if you're reading the regular titles. I've been underwhelmed with CONVERGENCE. This issue amped up my excitement for DC Comics once again.

The Verdict

This is an issue not to be missed. Scott Snyder, Gene Luen Yang, and Geoff Johns are changing everything we know about Batman, Superman, and the Justice League. Don't dismiss this as a novelty comic for Free Comic Book Day. This is the real deal. These pages are essential to readers of the regular series. The writing and the art on each part was truly amazing. If you haven't gone to your local comic shop yet and are sitting there reading this, you need to get there right away and get yourself a copy. Everything is changing.