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Descender #7 - Machine Moon: Part One


It's a new story arc. The story continues. The characters are being fleshed out and world is getting bigger and bigger.

DESCENDER is back! After a tiny break between story arcs, we now have the next installment. Picking up where the first arc ended, we find out more about the fates of Dr. Quon and Tim-21. It should be noted that Tim-21 and the others got a bit of a shock at the end of issue #6. We see a little more of the new character that just showed up along with what he's capable of. He's not the only new character as the issue opens with a look at another robot-killing bounty hunter. You can imagine he's likely to cause some problems later.

Even though the story is mainly focusing on Tim-21, Quon, and Telsa, you still get a sense of the bigger universe, especially with the presence of the robot resistance group. This is what we want to see in a sci-fi story. Jeff Lemire is giving us a great mix of action, suspense, and character development. I'm still reeling over the revelation Dr. Quon gave us last issue and you can't help but adore Tim-21.

Along with the great story and characters, we also have Dustin Nguyen's art. His character designs are always fascinating and varied. His use of water colors really gives the book a different feel from what we've seen time and time again, especially in sci-fi comics. I'm always fascinated with how aliens and robots look in sci-fi material. Often that's what can make or break the story. Nguyen's designs along with the colors makes it work. I've complained many times about the colors in sci-fi comics often giving the art too artificial of a feeling. That's definitely not the case here.

The first arc may be over but clearly the story is just beginning in DESCENDER. If you're looking for a cool sci-fi comic with a different look and feel to it, you need to be reading this book. Jeff Lemire is building a big "universe" and Dustin Nguyen's art and colors keeps getting better and better. Just when you thought you had an idea where the story would be going, we get a pretty interesting twist at the end. I love it when I'm reading a book and have no idea what might be coming next. Each issue keeps you on the edge of your seat and I'll definitely be back for the next one.