Comic Vine Review


Demon Knights #21 - One Way


Jason Blood and Vandal Savage embark on a journey they won't forget, but is betrayal just around the corner?

The Good

The search for the Holy Grail is on as this unlikely band of heroes (and villains, and…well, we aren't quite sure what), have joined together to work together to find the coveted cup. But does it actually exist and will these characters actually get along? Also, what are their real motivations for working together? If you're a DC fan then you already know that you cannot trust Vandal Savage, not by any means, so that is definitely something to keep in mind when reading this issue.

Our story opens with these characters on an uncharted island in the Mediterranean, and Xanadu proves yet again she is as manipulative as ever, deceiving both Etrigan and Jason Blood, using them both to appease her desires, but it seems that these two (or three) won't be spending much time together after-all since it's Vandal Savage and Jason Blood who must band together to find the grail.

Once again, Venditti crafts a very amusing story, giving readers fantastic dialogue that is both funny and aids in the development of the story. Although it is Sir Ystin's journey, Ystin must stay behind. It will certainly be interesting to see how these characters (Vandal and Jason) interact as well as whether they will be able to work together to find the sacred cup.

While Jason and Vandal embark on their journey, Ystin and Exoristos stay behind. As Ystin's health continues to deteriorate, the two characters share a sweet and tender moment, although bittersweet. It is clear (if you have been following the story) that these two characters have a history with one another and it's nice to see the creative team emphasize their relationship and call back to it.

The art is really beautiful, and very clean. The issue is well organized and the panel structure makes reading this comic a very enjoyable experience.

The dialogue between Jason and Vandal Savage is fantastic, and it's really one of the highlights in this issue. The banter between the two characters is both amusing and clever, and it's well done in this issue.

The Bad

If you have been following this story then chances are you will definitely enjoy what you read here. Although there are some moments that feel a bit rushed, overall, I felt this to be a great issue.

The Verdict

I will be very sad to see this series come to an end. Not only is it fantastic in the way that it is written, but having such an eclectic group of characters together all in one book has been massively entertaining. The story is wonderful, the characterizations continue to be great and the plot is engaging. This issue is accessible to new readers too, even though it definitely feels like the series is gradually coming to a close.