Comic Vine Review


Debris #2


Maya heads out into the unknown in order to find her people a new source of water after it was destroyed by Jormungand.

The Good

If you're going to read Debris, I'm going to suggest you listen to some RPG fight music from a game you loved in the past. This book moves and feels like a really fun and epic SNES/PS1 RPG. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's something completely new yet something completely familiar.

Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe has done a fantastic job with artist Riley Rossmo at developing this world quickly without going over the reader's head. Together, they present a clear message of what this book is about and where it is headed. Plus, we get some really cool fight scenes.

Debris does a great job at giving the reader these unreal and epic fight scenes. It's the best part of the book so far. There's a reason I tell you to listen to essentially Final Fantasy fight music while reading this. They are out of this world. The tiny vs the gigantic (mainly in issue one). A character is overwhelmed. This book should be huge with the RPG crowd.

What I like most about how this creative team sets this world up each issue. We see a lot of desolate backgrounds. The world around Maya is dirty, brown, and it has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. I like the design of this world. It's a mixture of new technology (well, new to us, old to them) and wild west.

I love seeing a heroes journey come together and that's exactly what we have here. Maya meets up with Kessel, who seems to be the only person to leave Maiden. I love watching a "team" come together as they try to achieve their main goal and the start of it is here.

The Bad

There's a lot of repetition on page composition. 4-5 pages have the same layout: 5 long panels cascading down the page many of which feature close-ups of a character. It's pretty dull, which this comic should not be since it's full of awesome.

I had trouble with one specific panel where we first meet the character Kessel. The center panel is just Kessel's face and his hand pointing, and it looks off. Every other panel of him looks great and this one looks a tad silly. It throws off the page.

The Verdict

Overall, Debris is an imaginative, unique, yet familiar book that will have you smiling the whole way through.Wiebe and Rossmo make a fabulous team on this book and they are awesome at developing this entire world around the main character Maya. This book feels like a really fun RPG for Super-Nintendo, so it feels like home for me.

On the downside, I felt the page layouts got a tad repetitive and one panel, specifically, really bugged me. It looked off.

Overall, I highly recommend Debris as a series and this singular issue.