Comic Vine Review


Deathstroke #5 - Blowback


We find out more about Deathstroke and his son. Answers are revealed as Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennett bring us action and story development...and a giant submarine.

If you're looking for a little more insight into Deathstroke and his son, Grant, you're going to get it here. There's also plenty of action and violence if that's your thing as well.

The Good

Deathstroke is one of those 'villains' that you can't help but like. When written correctly, he's a complete badass. With all the insane action we've seen so far in this series, he absolutely is one in 'The New 52.' What is intriguing is now that we know what was in that briefcase in the early issues, we have the mystery of what happened to Slade's son, Grant. Grant is a character I know little about since his 'death' was before I started reading comics. The fact that his name has resurfaced adds a great new layer of mystery that adds quite a bit to this book.

If that wasn't enough, we get a flashback with Grant and see a slightly (but not too much) younger version of Slade. Earlier issues have contained massive amounts of violence but this, while it does have plenty, also gives us some insight into Deathstroke (and Peabody). It's great to see Deathstroke thinking and planning things out. He's a tough guy but it's important to see the 'human' side to him to give the book a sense of being grounded in reality...or as much as a comic book with metahumans and killer assassins can be.

Bennett's art is really growing on me. The layout of the action scenes added to the excitement as Deathstroke faces off against Legacy once again. Of course, this isn't the same Legacy he's fought before (since he's killed them). The fight takes a very nice unexpected twist.

The Bad

I'm still trying to get used to Deathstroke's armored look. It makes sense that he would have an outfit like that in his profession. Sure he has some skills but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Then there's the cover. I can totally appreciate Simon Bisley's style but I still haven't gotten used to them. They're almost too...over the top. Everyone is too muscular. Slade's mask also has a different look than the interior pages.

The Verdict

What would readers expect and want from a Deathstroke comic? Kyle Higgins is delivering with each issue. There is plenty of insane action and violence. There is more here than simple mindless violence. The mystery of Deathstroke's long lost (and thought to be dead) son is something he's dealing with and we get to see a flashback that adds more to the characters. Joe Bennett is capturing the essence of the characters and goes all out when it comes to the scenes of violence. Hats off to both Higgins and Bennett for the final scene. It was definitely a pleasure and surprise to see. I've been enjoying DEATHSTROKE but I have to say this issue made me really enjoy the series. This is what I want to see in the series and Higgins is the one that should be guiding Deathstroke along.