Comic Vine Review


Deathstroke #17 - Trouble With Honor


Deathstroke takes on a clan of ninjas. Yup, it's as entertaining as it sounds.

The Good 

There's a hit on Deathstroke and writer Justin Jordan wastes no time diving right into the chaos. Slade heads to Japan to confront the man behind the order and what follows is a full plate of action with a side of even more action.  We literally have just one page of chatting before the first strike is made. From there, it's Slade doing what he does best -- being a virtually unstoppable badass.  
Captions remind us yet again of his superior physicals and talent while panels have him humiliating dozens of foes. It's nothing we haven't seen before, yet there's two variables that help keep it fun. For one, they're in the confined space of a train. And second, he's fighting friggin' ninjas! They're skilled, but you almost feel bad for them come the second splash page. Dudes like that against someone with Deathstroke's armor and weaponry? It's no contest and that's more than clear as it plays out in a rather unfortunate manner for them. Jordan once again hits home the point that Slade's a tactical man -- and a good tactician is always prepared.   
Edgar Salazar and Juan Fernandez's art had a few moments in this issue that really impressed. There's two solid splash pages of  Wilson taking on his enemies and Fernandez creates one of the most vibrant explosions I've seen.

The Bad

Since this is so heavy on action the quality of the story takes a hit. The cliffhanger isn't all that powerful because, truthfully, nothing has been done to make us care about the supporting cast. Also, I wish we weren't force fed frequent reminders about how strong, fast or smart Slade is through captions. We know he is and having him continue to instead prove it with his actions will more than suffice. 

The Verdict 

This is one of those rare instances where the cover offers an accurate representation of what happens in the book. While there of course isn't actually 10,000 enemies, the issue pretty much boils down to Deathstroke vs. an overwhelming amount of ninjas. It's fun, violent and yet another reminder that Slade's called the best mercenary around for a reason. Just don't come into this issue expecting any strong character development or a deep plot and odds are you'll have a good time.