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Deadpool: The Gauntlet #8 - Chapter 8: Werewolf of London-Adjacent


Deadpool's trip with Shiklah, Dracula's fiancée, continues. Guess what? There's plenty of adventure, laughs, and hilarity to be found inside.

The Good

It's easy to grumble about having a weekly Deadpool comic to spend your money on but Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Reilly Brown make it worth it. This series may be setting up upcoming events in the regular DEADPOOL series but it's far from being just filler. This is Deadpool exactly as you would expect. With the introduction of Shiklah, we're getting to find out who she is as well as what Deadpool is starting to feel for her.

Throughout the series, as Deadpool and Shiklah are making their way to Dracula, we've been getting to see some great confrontations. Last issue we saw Deadpool go up against MODOK. Here we get to see Werewolf by Night. These are situations brilliantly executed and could feel like too much if they occurred in the regular series.

I look forward to Reilly Brown's art each week. But with each chapter, I get a little sad thinking that's one more issue closer to the end. Jim Campbell's colors adds to the fun of it all. Each issue makes me love the Infinite Comics format more and more.

The Bad

This is just such a fun series. If people aren't enjoying it, I feel sorry for them.

The Verdict

The situation between Deadpool and Shiklah, Dracula's fiancée, continues to blossom. Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Reilly Brown have delivered the fun and action with each chapter. If you're enjoying the regular DEADPOOL series, this is a must read as big things are happening. The confrontations and situations in each chapter make it Tuesdays something to look forward to each week. If you're not reading DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET, you need to rectify that immediately. Skipping this series is just not right.