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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 - Part III: The Ex-X-Men


Guess what? Deadpool is still killing heroes left and right. But what is this all about? What are his plans afterwards if no one can stop him?

The Good

Deadpool's rarely been taken seriously. I don't mean that since he's always cracking jokes. Actually, in part of that, he's not really seen as a deadly character. He is a killer and has gone toe to toe with the likes of Wolverine and others. If anything, this series is showing what Deadpool could be capable of. He's killing and killing a lot.

After all the heroes he's killed in the first two issues, you would almost think there isn't anyone left. But the title does state he's killing the Marvel Universe. There are deaths that have occurred off screen as well.

Rather than simply be a miniseries with Deadpool set out to kill everyone, there is someone hoping to put a stop to him (as we saw last issue). This individual may have what it takes to stop him and rather than take on Deadpool head on immediately, some thought and investigation is going into the plan first.

As dark as the story is, it's not something to take seriously. This is Deadpool wiping out the heroes we all know. If you've ever wondered what Deadpool is capable of and how he would actually go about trying to kill everyone, this is where you'll find out.

The Bad

Could Deadpool really kill everyone the way he is? This is where it's a matter of how seriously are we supposed to take this? For example, last issue, he manages to pull a gun on Spider-Man to blow his head off. There was no sign of his spider-senses going off. Here, he's easily killing heroes that have faced bigger threats than him. It's a matter of suspension of disbelief and all but he's making it all look so easy. It's all too easy and maybe it's because his head is a little more straightened out but he's more prepared for everyone than Batman would be. He's doing what teams of powerful supervillains couldn't do. But that's sort of the point, right?

The Verdict

With one more issue and a confrontation between Deadpool and the one person willing to take him on, it's unclear how this will play out. This isn't meant to be a comic to take seriously as Deadpool is easily taking out all of the Marvel Universe's most powerful heroes. Deadpool's never been more cruel or vicious and it makes you wonder what could he do in a normal story if he was allowed to. I'm still on the fence with the series as a whole. This isn't the Deadpool I'm used to reading, but it's not meant to be. If you're looking for Deadpool to cut loose against everyone, this is a series you'll want to check out.