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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 - Part I


Deadpool wants to kill the entire Marvel Universe? And a 'parental advisory' on the cover? How can we not check this out?

There are many kinds of Deadpool stories. This one is bound to catch you off guard.

The Good

We've seen the Marvel Universe get "killed" before courtesy of Punisher. Now it's Deadpool's turn. You can imagine the wacky shenanigans that could result and you might be tempted to avoid this out of fear of it being a purely satirical story. Let's just say that when Deadpool comes after the Fantastic Four, it's not really funny. This is Deadpool the killer versus Deadpool the goofy comedy relief. There are some 'funny' moments but this is him as a mercenary on a mission. In other words, the parental advisory is on the cover for a reason. This scene will leave a slight heavy feeling in your gut.

The premise is simple. It makes sense. There's a reason for Deadpool's actions. We don't get the full story just yet. There's enough of a tease to make you want to see more. Deadpool is just starting off here. It gets ugly but it's bound to get even uglier in the coming issues. Deadpool definitely has the skills and ambition to take on pretty much anyone. Seeing him take on characters like the Fantastic Four will make you appreciate what he's capable of. Just be prepared for the results.

The Bad

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer my Deadpool with a little more funny over deadly. I mentioned that we have seen different varieties of Deadpool but there were times I felt the story getting a little too dark. When I envisioned a comic with Deadpool killing the entire Marvel Universe, I pictured a more comedic approach. Perhaps taking a darker and more serious approach gives the story more meaning rather than being seen as more of a joke. I like Deadpool being deadly but when he steers away from his usual self, it feels like a different character. Some may want a more serious Deadpool but after all the humor, it feels like another character wearing the costume.

The Verdict

Does Deadpool have what it takes to kill the entire Marvel Universe? Based on this first issue, he's off to a good start. Readers shouldn't expect the typical Deadpool story as this issue earns the parental advisory slapped on the cover. We have seen different version of Deadpool and this goes along with the darker and less goofier versions. As with these types of stories, you have to wonder how much they'll matter in the grand scheme of comics. We know the entire Marvel Universe can't really be killed. I expected a lighter and more humorous story but there could be something to this more serious approach. I'll definitely be checking out the next issue to see where this is going to go. It's a little disturbing and that makes it clear that this isn't a simple goofy story with Deadpool thrown in just for kicks. If you like your Deadpool less funny and more violent, you'll get a kick out of this.