Comic Vine Review


Deadpool #9 - The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea


Deadpool continues to struggle with Vetis' order while attempting to get Agent Preston out of his mind and into a new body.

The Good

While most of this issue is business as usual (solid laughs complimented by good visuals), it takes a rather unexpected and quite dark turn -- one that I definitely have mixed thoughts on. Last issue's cliffhanger is swept aside and #9 focuses solely on the dilemma with Vetis and Agent Preston. In an effort to find an answer to their problem, they need to visit a library deep under Rykers island. How they get there almost had me in tears from laughing so much. The deadpan look on Michael's face as the plan follows through is absolutely priceless.

With so many one-liners, I'm shocked they didn't drop a Vigo remark about the huge and creepy painting in the library. Regardless, a majority of the jokes made me burst into laughter and the overflowing amount of dirty jokes about prison were great fun, too. I love how co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are giving us glimmers of a deeper Deadpool as well. While the look inside his head was certainly hilarious ("Also I don't have legs!"), I can't help but wonder what's in the back section. I really, really, reaaaaaally hope this is something they'll dive into and prove why Wade's far more than a reference spewing machine with a healing factor.

As always, the visuals fit the lighthearted yet disturbing tone exceptionally well. There's a few praiseworthy panels of Deadpool looking quite awesome, but the highlight has to be a maskless Wade wearing a shower cap. There's something particularly disturbing about that, especially while he's trying to murder someone.

The Bad

As much as I appreciate the one-liners, they felt out of place while chatting with Vetis on the beach. After what just transpired, it clearly took a bit of a toll on Wade. The merc having a more serious demeanor in that case would have been completely justified. He talks about not wanting to kill a good person, but then when he does, he doesn't show too much remorse. And this brings me to my biggest issue: Deadpool's morals. Way back during the conclusion of CABLE & DEADPOOL, I was optimistic that Wade was finally going to try the whole hero thing. Since then, his mindset has completely reverted. Sure, the sense of right and wrong still exists in his head, but he doesn't make the right choice. He continues to make me laugh, but his actions make it almost impossible to root for him or have any empathy for him.

The Verdict

Man, this was not a good issue for Michael! I think the plot with Preston and Vetis deserves plenty of attention, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed there was no follow-up to the organ thieves. Personal gripes over Wade's morals aside, this story is a huge improvement over the first one when it comes to plot and character development. It's a bit lacking in the action department, but I think it's fair to say we had more than enough of that in the 'Undead Presidents' story, so I'm greatly appreciating the bigger focus on the overall narrative instead of stabby, stabby, boom, boom. However, I won't complain if we see Deadpool show off how lethal he is. In fact, I'd praise it. I really miss the days of Wade having the skill to give Wolverine a brutal fight. So please, bring back the skills, Gerry and Brian!