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Deadpool #60 - Blacklisted, Conclusion


Is Deadpool really a "bad guy"? Also, when will he learn that he no longer has his healing factor? Find out in the latest issue of his ongoing.

The Good

The issue opens with a look back at Wade's childhood and a conversation between Wade's school Principal and his father. During the discussion, the Principal implies that Wade's behavior is pretty terrible and that she doesn't see him changing any time soon. Flash forward to the present where Wade is up against two guys who want him dead; Black Box and Black Tom Cassidy; we learn from the scene in the next few pages that not a whole heck of a lot has changed. Wade clearly hasn't matured -- or he really does just have "mental problems." Regardless, if you find a little part of yourself that is still immature, then chances are you'll be chuckling as you read the the panels and scenes that follow. Typical Deadpool just being Deadpool, proving once again with scenes like this that he is completely ridiculous, and very funny; even if he is sometimes just boiled down to a few fart jokes. The art in these first few pages definitely helped convey the goofiness of the scene, and just how absolutely ridiculous Deadpool really is. Deadpool fans will at least be entertained by the crude humor -- in the first half of the issue.

The Bad

As funny and goofy as those first scenes in this issue were, this book did feel a little bit rushed. For someone who uses the heck out of Deadpool's "fourth wall," Way didn't really do a of that in here. There were moments I felt that the creative team really just wanted to get the issue over with and move the story along. The fact that Black Swan was able to so quickly manipulate certain characters felt a little bit like an easy way out to push the plot forward.

Also, is he (Deadpool) really the good guy? I mean, does he really think that of himself? There are certain moments in this issue that just feel a little bit hard to believe, and you have to wonder whether Deadpool is smarter than he's given credit for in this issue. Stupid funny, sure, but he's not that dumb, is he? Goofy, yes. Always getting into trouble? Alright. But if he was really stupid, he wouldn't be able to get out of a lot of the situations he finds himself in.

The Verdict

This issue is definitely funny in a goofy way, but I didn't find it was one of Way's strongest. Is was entertaining and silly, but it felt like it was rushed through. Like the creative team took the easy way out of the situation in order to move the story forward. The interaction between Black Swan -- while interesting -- wasn't entirely believable. There was definitely something lacking in this issue. It would have been better if the creative team took things a little bit slower.