Comic Vine Review


Deadpool #59 - Blacklisted, Part 2


Deadpool and his wacky shenanigans continue. He still is without his healing factor and has Black Tom hot on his tail.

The Good

I wasn't crazy about Deadpool losing his healing factor and scarred face. As I read more of this arc, I'm actually finding myself enjoying it. Regardless of what he looks like, Daniel Way continues to make the stories funny and fun. With Deadpool having a normal face, there's actually more opportunity for Salva Espin to express Deadpool's goofy nature with expressions alone. Only Deadpool can get into situations like he does here. The decisions he makes is why we love his so.

With Black Tom chasing after him and being depowered, we're seeing Deadpool on the other end of the chase. Normally he's doing more of the chasing rather than being pursued on on the defensive. It all adds to Way's plan to actually bring us a slightly different sort of Deadpool story. He's still trying to cope with the fact that he can be seriously injured (his little finger still hasn't regrown because that's not something normal severed fingers can do). We know this state likely isn't join got last. As Marvel NOW quickly approaches, it's up in the air what will happen to Deadpool and if his current non-healing factor state will continue. Whatever the case, Way should be commended for the number of consistent and humorous issues he's given us.

The Bad

There's no reason why Deadpool wouldn't want a burrito but it's almost hard to imagine since we all know how much he loves chimichangas. Then again, it could just be a matter of the convenience store he was at only carrying burritos. I suppose I wouldn't think to get a chimichanga at one.

Is Black Tom one of my favorite villains? Nope. But his presence does allow for some witty comments from Deadpool. There's nothing major that happens in here to affect Deadpool's future but that's okay. It's still a fun story.

The Verdict

This comic is ridiculous, but in a good way. I didn't think I could enjoy Deadpool stories with him being drastically changed as much as I am. Daniel Way has managed to continue to deliver great Deadpool stories. Even when we had so much Deadpool being thrown in our faces and several different series, this is the one that survived, and with good reason. This is a Deadpool we haven't really seen. There are definite familiar elements. He is still the same zany character but the absence of his healing factor and non-scarred face adds a different element to him. This has allowed for the stories to take a slightly different approach but importantly, they're still funny. I don't want to think about the end of Daniel Way's run coming up but all good things must come to an end. As for how this arc will end, I'm on the edge of my seat.