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Deadpool #58 - Blacklisted, Part 1


Deadpool still doesn't have his healing factor. This isn't a good thing when old enemies start gunning for him.

The Good

It's hard to believe that after all this time, Deadpool has been re-invented in a way. Something as simple as removing his healing factor has caused a slight change to who he is. I think we're all in agreement that this is something that can't and most likely won't last. For now, it's resulting in some interesting stories.

Deadpool can no longer simply operate the way he used to. He has to actually think a little more carefully and obviously that's a scary thought right there. Now that Deadpool can actually be killed, he has to hope no one discovers his new status. Unfortunately, Taskmaster told Deadpool's old enemy, Black Box, this last issue. Now is the time for his old enemies that have been defeated to rise up and try to take advantage of Deadpool's vulnerability.

The result is Deadpool is now a target and has to fight in a different manner. He has to do some more planning and thinking. Somehow, he's able to make this adjustment. Seeing Deadpool deal with his current situation is a refreshing change but it still takes some getting used to.

The Bad

It may just be a plot device but it just feels so wrong to have Deadpool without a healing factor and having his old "good looks" back. It's funny to see the fact that Deadpool still hasn't accepted the loss of his little finger but you can't help but wonder how long this will last. We are seeing a sort of evolution in his character. He is having to think a little more before acting. That's great, but again, feels out of character from the wacky and zany Deadpool we all love. He's always been so dangerously nonsensical and seeing him plan ahead is just weird.

Seeing Deadpool on a toilet is not a sight I needed burned into my mind.

The Verdict

This isn't the Deadpool you're used to. Still without his healing factor, Deadpool is adjusting to having hair and good looks while still waiting for his severed finger to grow back. Seeing characters go through major changes can keep them fresh but there's the question of how much is too much of a change? Long time comic readers can't help but be skeptical when it comes to changes. We all assume we'll see the return of the Deadpool we know but because there is potential in telling some slightly different Deadpool stories, these shouldn't be ignored. Daniel Way is showing he has plenty of ideas and stories to tell with Deadpool and the fact we don't know where all this is going makes it that much more fun.