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Deadpool #56 - Deadpool Reborn, Part 2: Master of My Own Domain


If you thought you knew everything about Deadpool and have read all the Deadpool stories there are, you haven't been reading recent issues. Deadpool has to change the way he operates now.

The Good

Deadpool has pretty much always been a fan-favorite character. The problem became over-saturation. Thankfully the true Deadpool fans made it clear that we don't want anything with Deadpool but we want good comics with Deadpool. That's what Daniel Way has been giving us. Not only has Way been delivering great stories but he had recently changed Deadpool in a pretty big way.

Deadpool no longer has his healing factor. That's a big change for a crazy mercenary. He can't just charge into situations carelessly as he now can be hurt or worse. Not only can he seriously hurt, he got his butt handed to him last issue by Paste Pot Pete (aka Trapster). What can Deadpool do about this? Surprisingly he gets the idea try to get some training from an individual that fits in perfectly with Deadpool's history. I don't want to spoil it but I love the character.

There still is plenty of Deadpool zaniness to be seen. Deadpool goes on the type of mission that seems so obvious I often wonder why the 'bad guys' don't try this sort of thing more often. This is complemented by Shawn Crystal's art which just feels right when reading Deadpool stories.

The Bad

The direction of the series has become interesting but you still get that feeling that this is just a temporary change. Too often we see these big changes only to have them quickly reverted back to the status quo. I'd like to think that Daniel Way has it all mapped out but it gets hard to shake the feeling that Deadpool will be magically 'cured' somehow. The issue ends with a cliffhanger that feels like we might get more of what we just had, but again, we could probably expect more from Way.

The character that Deadpool seeks help from and teams up with is a frustrating one at times. We've seen so many different takes on him recently it's almost hard to know who he really is.

The Verdict

There has been debate how long Deadpool's current state of not having a healing factor will last. It's a great twist to change up the typical Deadpool story but you can't help but shake the feeling that it has to be a temporary change. Deadpool has to change the way he works and seeing him come up with an attempt at a solution is almost scary because it means Deadpool is actually thinking. Shawn Crystal's art is entertaining and we're treated to another trippy Dave Johnson cover. You have to hand it to Daniel Way for being able to stick with Deadpool for so many issues and continue to tell good stories rather than fall back on simple silly stories. As long as Daniel Way is writing Deadpool, we know we'll keep getting stories that Deadpool deserves.