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Deadpool #55 - Deadpool Reborn, Part 1: Bright Bright Sunshiny Day


Deadpool survived the "Dead" storyline but he's not the same person he was. He might feel more alive than ever but that could end up biting him in the butt.

Who's that good looking guy on the cover? It's Deadpool. That's right. He has a new face and has other issues to get used to.

The Good

Who would've thought we'd actually see some evolution in Deadpool's character? For the most part he's essentially the same. He's still talking to himself and has a love for killing. After surviving his quest to die, which resulted in the loss of his healing factor, he's changed in some ways. Besides have a normal face, he has to adjust to the fact that he can be injured (and have to use caution when shaving). The fact that he can be harmed and actually killed should change the way he operates. But this newfound condition has made him feel more alive which means he's itching to get down to business.

Not having a healing factor shouldn't be a big deal but the fact that he's been able to carelessly charge into situations without worry is no longer an option. This is what adds a new dynamic to Deadpool. He actually has to do some thinking. Deadpool thinking? Things are indeed changing. He might be using his brain more but taking on the Intelligencia without a healing factor might not be the smartest move.

The Bad

Deadpool has a good looking face. That almost feels like taking Superman's cape away. His funky complexion has always been a part of who he is. Not having a healing factor also takes away who he was. Now he's a regular mercenary that has voices going through his head. Change can be good but it's hard to say if this is a good idea for the long term or if it's just going to be reverted.

Shawn Crystal's art works to create the vibe necessary for the title but some members of the Intelligencia didn't look menacing enough. MODOK may be a silly character but his recent change has made him creepier. The scene in which they are all shown felt awkward as they were all stiffly standing around. There were moments of a lack of background during these scenes as well.

The Verdict

You think you know what Deadpool is all about? Deadpool is playing with a different set of tools now. The changes from the previous storyline resulted his face looking normal and the loss of his healing factor. Deadpool is still the wacky mercenary itching to get the job done the only way he knows how. The lack of a healing factor now requires him to think a little more. That's something that could prove to be a challenge. It's great to see this change in Deadpool as it serves to mix things up and put him in a different position. At the same time, it might be too much of a change. It's hard to imagine that this is who Deadpool will be now. We're used to these types of major changes to revert back to the previous status quo over time. Daniel Way should be commended for taking this risk in changing who Deadpool is.