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Deadpool #50 - Dead, Part One


Deadpool has reached his fiftieth issue but the word is he's going to die. Daniel Way begins a story about Deadpool and his death that makes perfect sense.

Deadpool is going to die. Hearing that is bound to make people's eyes roll. But the way this story is being set up, it's not as ridiculous as you might think.

The Good

Remember when we had a bunch of different Deadpool comics coming out? What do we have now? This title. For this title to reach fifty issues while all the other ones have gone away says something. Daniel Way knows what's he's doing. And what he's doing now is setting up the death of Deadpool.

"How can that be?" The only thing keeping Deadpool from dying, besides being a comic book character and death being pretty much meaningless for them, is his healing factor. But what happens if that healing factor is not allowed to work as it has in the past? There's the angle for this story. It's also no secret that Deadpool has an infatuation for Death. This could be the time he finally gets to enjoy the embrace of Death.

Way throws in all the humor you would expect in a Deadpool comic. There's a fine line between funny Deadpool and annoying Deadpool. Way knows the difference between the two. From the cover you can see that members of X-Force are also present. This is a great nod to the fact that he does appear in that book as well. Rick Remender might write him a tad differently but it's still Deadpool.

Carlo Barberi's art is nice to look at as well. It's always curious to see an artist take on different characters. Wolverine might have looked a little squat and Daken a little too muscular but Barberi does a great job capturing and conveying the expression on everyone's face. When you're dealing with Deadpool, you can imagine there is a lot of emotion going around.

The Bad

We're gearing up for a "death" issue. Deadpool might have a confused mind but the idea of him longing for death takes away some of his charm. It seems you can't have Deadpool and a death issue presented in the normal fashion. Deaths in comics lately have been the result of a heroic and noble deed. Deadpool simply wants to end his life because he's in love with Death. Daniel Way has been doing a top notch job with this title and we should have faith that this is going to be a great story but there's that bad taste in my mouth at the thought of another comic book death story.

The Verdict

Deadpool is going to die. It seems like an absurd idea and one that a Deadpool comic would poke fun at. It's possible that's the case but Deadpool is determined that this is what he wants. From recent events, it turns out there is a solution in making this happen. Daniel Way continues to show that Deadpool can be written in a humorous fashion and include a well thought out story. I had gotten burnt out on the Deadpool overload and had to step away, even though this was my favorite series of them all. It doesn't seem likely that we'll actually see the death of Deadpool but there is the chance that it could actually happen. That would be a twist when so many readers have become skeptical over the idea of death in comics. If this is going to be the end of Deadpool, I'm glad Daniel Way will be there to guide him.