Comic Vine Review


Deadpool #4 - The Quick and the Dead and the Really Dead


Prepare for fun as Deadpool uses his magical sword against the remaining undead Presidents!

The Good

Everything. Everything was "the good." The script is sharp, overflowing with hysterical references and the pace of the story moves forward at the speed of light. No longer is Deadpool taking down one President at a time. The Merc with a Mouth is now putting that magical sword (or as he calls it, his little Wade) to full use. Sure, there's a joke or two that don't deliver, but those are massively outweighed by the ones that are guaranteed to put a goofy looking smile on your face and make you laugh out loud at least once.

There's a crazy amount of fun and horrific action and there's a particularly awesome moment of Deadpool shattering the fourth wall. Long story short, it's almost everything you love about Deadpool crammed into one issue. Oh, and did I mention he dresses as Marilyn Monroe? Because he does and he totally pulls it off, too.

Then there's Tony Moore's art. Sweet mother of all that is holy, it's such a good fit for the book. I swear, this man was created in a lab by Marvel just to illustrate a Deadpool title. It's creepy, gruesome and loaded with detail. There's even an easter egg of some familiar Marvel employees in a fantastic splash page.

Marvel, if you're listening, you need to make a plushie inspired by the recap version of Deadpool. It's too adorable.

The Bad

I would prefer to see Wade more agile and skilled, but I really don't mind since that complaint is relatively small compared to the things I love about this book.

The Verdict

Solid script by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan? Check. Ridiculously good art by Tony Moore and Val Staples? Check. Shirtless Abe Lincoln throwing down with Deadpool in a ring? Check. Deadool fans, this is a must read. It's packed with big laughs, hysterical and violent action, and to top it off, the book looks amazing. Do yourself a favor and read this one ASAP.