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Deadpool #27 - The Wedding of Deadpool; Operation Ballerina Drop; #$%@-faced in Vegas; With This Hand, I Thee Wed; Continuity Spontinuity; The Niagara Bride; Fanged; Quickie; So Deadpool Walks Into a Bar...; Eulogy for a Winkie; There Will Be No Honeymoon; Savage Land:


It's the big day for Deadpool. Wait until you see which characters and creators take part in the celebration.

The Good

How often do characters get married in comics? Deadpool actually has something to say about that. As DEADPOOL reaches issue #27, we get a big issue. We're talking over eighty pages of Deadpool fun. Some may immediately look at the price tag but you definitely get more than your money's worth here.

If you've been reading DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Reilly Brown, you know how things have lead up to this. If you haven't read the digital Infinite series, you can easily pick up this issue and figure out what's going on (but you should seriously check out THE GAUNTLET).

Duggan and Posehn have taken Deadpool on a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout this series. While we've had plenty of laughs and absurdity, there's also been some emotional developments for Deadpool, believe it or not. This wedding may seem like a stunt, but again, if you read DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET, it makes sense. Plus, where Wade is at, there's no telling what he'd do next. Actually, when do we ever really know what he's going to do next?

The wedding story is everything you'd expect from a Deadpool wedding issue, and more. There are plenty of guest stars and it all gets pretty crazy. But that's not all you get. There is practically an army of creators taking part in this issue. Writers such as Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Gail Simone, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri and join the festivities. In some cases, it's like they picked up where they left off. Artists including Scott Hepburn, Paco Medina, Dexter Soy, Scott Koblish, and more are on hand to provide the visuals for the various wacky stories.

The Bad

Obviously some may cringe a little at the price. Again, it's definitely worth the price. You get a ton of great material. It just might be hard, for those on a budget, to drop ten bucks on a single issue.

DEADPOOL #900 had more pages.

The Verdict

Issue 27s don't come around too often these days. That in itself could be reason enough to celebrate but everyone involved brings their A game to the table. This is a massive issue. Besides being a big moment in Deadpool's life, we do see some plot development happening along with an enormous number of chracters and creators returning to Deadpool's life. This is what celebratory issues should be about. If you're a big Deadpool fan or a fan of funny things, you'll want to get this comic.