Comic Vine Review


Deadpool #10 - Eight Legs to Kick You


Deadpool continues to serve as Vetis' hitman, but he bumps into the Superior Spider-Man while searching for his next target!

The Good

Call me crazy, but this is easily my favorite Deadpool issue in quite some time (apologies, Suicide Kings). It's relentlessly funny, is sporting phenomenal artwork and is massively entertaining. It doesn't take any major strides with the plot, but who really cares when everything going down is so ridiculously fun?

So many laughs were had while reading this one. So many. From the strip club being called "Amazing Fantasy" to the countless one-liners, I found myself grinning or laughing out loud with just about every page. Trapster's remark? The Dark Knight References? The Donald Trump parody? It's consistently sharp and without question one of the funniest books on the market right now. That said, DEADPOOL always manages to have one moment that's super lowbrow and makes you wonder for a moment if you should cringe at the raw immaturity or have a good laugh. In this case, let's just say it involves falling and... well, a remark about poo, and I settled on laughing like a fool at that one. Then there's Michael's situation. I don't even know what to make of that yet, but it's wildly amusing for now.

Speaking of Michael, I was relieved to see there was a legitimate reason behind Wade's drastic action in the last issue. It was obvious Wade wanted to send him to Hell to see if it could benefit them, but it's great to see it wasn't a totally random and dark decision he made in the moment and on his own. Also, did anyone else think the remark about "characters who sell their soul to the devil deserve to die" was a little jab at Peter Parker?

Mike Hawthorne + Val Staples = one terrific looking Deadpool book. It's a style that manages to deliver perfectly on both the comedic and serious moments the title has to offer. Deadpool's so lovable as you can see his silly grin under his mask and the entire issue just has a very fluid and animated feel to it. But when matters get dark, Hawthorne proves he's more than capable of delivering a stunning and badass version of Deadpool. I'm seriously impressed with the visuals in this one.

Oh, and no joke, I think I'm quite possibly the only person who cheered when Chance appeared. He's such an obscure character and, despite popular belief, he's actually a little bit of a boss. That said, he's been reduced to jobber status over his last few appearances, so it's understandable he's treated as a total chump when trying to take on both Spider-Man and Deadpool.

The Bad

I'm probably one of the very few people out there who will be slightly disappointed by Taskmaster and Batroc's handling. I suppose it's cool for Taskmaster to be a bit pathetic since Wade has often served as his kryptonite, though it would have been neat to see Tasky fight Superior for longer. Despite being the victim of many jokes, Batroc's a dude with some serious skill -- he's given Steve Rogers excellent fights. While part of me is letdown with how Batroc's handled, I'd be a total liar if I said the rest of me wasn't saying, "YEAH! DEADPOOL'S SHOWING OFF HOW GOOD HE IS!" Yes, I've been craving more skill feats from Wade, but I also wish it didn't come at the expense of another character. Wade's interacting with the likes of Captain America, Wolverine and Daredevil in the future, so my fingers are crossed he'll have a superb battle with at least one of them!

I'm also left wondering about the organs plot, but I'm perfectly fine with writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn holding off on that element because what's currently going on is such a good time!

The Verdict

In case you couldn't tell by now, I freaking LOVED this issue. It doesn't move the plot forward all that much, but it's a virtually flawless piece of popcorn entertainment. It delivers and then some when it comes to the art, ginormous laughs and cheer-worthy action. I spent $2.99 for a digital copy of this issue on ComiXology and you bet I am absolutely going to spend another $2.99 to get a physical copy.