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Deadpool #1


Deadpool is back in a way you haven't seen before.

Deadpool is back and in a bigger way than before. Like many, I enjoyed the character but there came a time we started getting Deadpool-overload. The previous volume by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn made Deadpool fun to read once again. The series didn't rely on the same gag throughout and we even saw some layers given to the character. When the long-running series was marked to end, along with all the other Marvel titles, we knew Deadpool would be back but the fear was it'd be with a different creative team.

The good news is, Gerry Duggan is back along with Mike Hawthorne doing pencils. What Duggan doesn't do is simply pick up where the previous volume left off. Deadpool is a bigger deal now. If you read UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, also written by Duggan, you're probably aware of Deadpool's higher status now in the Marvel Universe. Despite being a mercenary, he is now somewhat of a celebrity overseeing a massive merchandising empire which is funding the Avengers team he's on. Seeing Deadpool as more accepted in the Marvel U is odd for sure but it does give that sense of, "What the heck is going on?"

Along with Deadpool's new status, he's also selling his services to those in need. Without saying too much, let's just say he'll have some others working for him, which makes things interesting and, of course, humorous at times. Even though there is a new direction happening, Duggan obviously hasn't forgotten what's gone on before and isn't ignoring it. That, and the fact that he's also writing Deadpool's appearances in UNCANNY AVENGERS, gives a nice sense of cohesion. Too many times when we see characters written by numerous creators, the common voice tends to get a little lost.

Hawthorne's pencils with Terry Pallot's inks and Val Staples colors looks great. From the opening scene to seeing the other characters with a new look, this is simply a really nice looking book. There are panels you'll want to pause to just look at everything going on in the background. The little cameos even serve to remind us of the bigger world Deadpool is in. It's great to see some familiar DEADPOOL characters along with some others from the Marvel Universe show up.

As with some other All-New, All-Different Marvel titles, there is that sense of wondering what happened during the eight months after Secret Wars. It's hard to say how this series will be and what direction it'll go in. Is the current status semi-permanent or does the cliffhanger at the end signify something else is bubbling beneath the surface? The same goes with some of the characters working with Deadpool. Some are cool to see. A couple might be a little questionable.

Deadpool is back with with his own series once again and all is right with the world. This isn't Deadpool as you've seen before, especially since the public in the Marvel Universe actually adores him. It's almost like he's in some bizarro world. Gerry Duggan has more than proven he gets who Deadpool is and should be. Having him back at the helm is fantastic. We've sometimes seen Deadpool written different and just not feel right. Mike Hawthorne's pencils along with Terry Pallot's inks and Val Staples colors makes the book look good. It looks so good, you might even say it looks sexy. Where is this series taking Deadpool? I have absolutely no idea but I can't wait to find out.