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Deadpool #1 - In Wade We Trust


Deadpool enters Marvel NOW! and faces off with America's zombified Presidents.

The Good

I'll be brutally honest, I wasn't incredibly optimistic going into this title. I've had my fill of absurdly goofy and over-the-top Deadpool stories and I've been craving something a little bit more serious. However, Tony Moore's appropriately disgusting art (that poor lamb...) and the hilarious dialogue by comedians Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's has won me over.

Deadpool's style of humor hasn't been for everyone over the years. At times, the degree of banter can be flat-out obnoxious and dull. Thankfully, that wasn't the case at all in issue #1. I can recall at least three times I legitimately laughed out loud and there were plenty more moments that had me grinning. From Abraham Lincoln getting some degree of sweet revenge to the back and forth conversation between Wade and FDR, this issue was consistently delivering solid laughs. The references were sharp and after this issue I have faith in how Posehn and Duggan will handle the comedic content.

As for the action, it's certainly amusing and complimented extremely well by Moore's pencils. Deadpool's in a pretty repulsive world -- decaying presidents, his skin condition, eviscerating huge monsters -- and Moore's work is a perfect fit. It's almost tough to look at Deadpool at times and there's some hilariously gruesome moments that just wouldn't have the same value without his unique style.

The Bad

There isn't much progression here when it comes to the story or Deadpool's character. Luckily, this is a relatively minor complaint seeing as the content packed into this issue is astoundingly entertaining. Besides, it's only the first issue. I imagine they wanted to reel us in with a gratifying turn of events, and in that regard, they absolutely succeeded. I just hope Deadpool's deeper personality will eventually come out and he won't be limited to only feeding us one-liners.

Also, if Deadpool can rip the monster apart with a katana, how'd it pose any kind of threat to Thor? Not necessarily a big deal, but that one had me scratching my head.

The Verdict

This issue successfully serves as a great jumping on point and also provides an action packed and hysterical story that I believe new and old fans will appreciate. This creative team feels like a perfect fit for Wade and I'm very anxious to see where they'll go with him. Welcome to Marvel NOW!, Deadpool, I'm so very happy you're on-board .