Comic Vine Review


Deadly Class #6


What started out as an almost simple road trip has literally turned into a bloodbath.

The Good

Life in a school for assassins isn’t as easy as often portrayed. Marcus and his friends snuck away for a little road trip which continued to spiral out of control. Rick Remender has packed in crazy event after crazy event. With drugs and death and a fight for survival, those that managed to make it through all this will learn lessons not taught in their school.

With the end of the first arc, it’s almost unbelievable how much intensity Remender packs into this single issue. The action had already escalated beyond your typical action story means but there’s no stopping what Remender will dish out on these kids.

Wes Craig continues to shake things up on his side of the storytelling. There’s one scene in particular, at a convenience store that I had to stop and stare at. Craig mixes up the perspective and getting some overheard shots really makes the action flow across the page. Lee Loughridge’s colors creates a cool vibe that helps transform the entire look and feel of the story into something unique.

The Bad

Some of the action is a little one-sided. By this point you kind of expect more from some of the characters but what we do get is a glorious blowout ending to the first arc.

The Verdict

DEADLY CLASS is a crazy and intense series. Rick Remender is clearly not holding back in the scenes he comes up with for the characters. This issue marks the end of the first story arc and it almost feels like there’s no end to the violence and mayhem. Wes Craig’s art and layouts are extraordinary. Combined with Lee Loughridge’s colors, DEADLY CLASS is a great comic to read and look at. You’ll find yourself having to stop to take in all the details. This comic is not for the feint of heart. Each issue gets me more excited for the next.