Comic Vine Review


Deadly Class #16


It's the end of the third arc and dang if things don't get insanely messy.

DEADLY CLASS is a book I enjoy reading each month but it's also a book that practically leaves a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Marcus Lopez is pretty much as flawed a character as you can get. Often we see the protagonist in stories portrayed as near perfect individuals. Marcus comes from a pretty horrible background and despite being brought into the Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts, things haven't gotten too much better.

As we reach the end of the third story arc, Marcus has burnt a lot of bridges among his friends. He's gotten into one mess after another. With literal deadly consequences around several corners, you'll be cringing with almost every page turn.

With this marking the end of the arc, there are some plot points that reach a conclusion. At the same time, we get a lot set up for the next arc. Rick Remender and Wes Craig completely leave you hungry for more. I found myself practically holding my breath as the story rushed towards its conclusion.

Jordan Boyd handles the colors once again. There are moments I forget that Lee Loughridge isn't doing the art. We have the same vibe going on. The change in the palette from scene to scene is great and really pushes the shift in the scenes.

We've seen teen angst stories and dramas many times but this takes it all to a different level. Remender doesn't pull any punches in his storytelling. Wes Craig's art doesn't skip a beat. This is one of those types of stories where you want to look away when you know something really bad is coming but you just can't help but keep your eyes glued to each page. The main character, Marcus Lopez, keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. You'll be guessing how this issue could possibly end as the pacing gets cranked up towards the end. It's going to be a long wait until December when the next arc begins. That gives you time to catch up if you haven't been reading. The fact is, I love this book so dang much.