Comic Vine Review


Deadly Class #12


It's a new arc but the there's still plenty of danger for Marcus and friends. Things get pretty crazy, as you would expect.

The Good

Oh how I enjoy visiting the world of DEADLY CLASS. In the last arc, Rick Remender and Wes Craig finished things off with a huge clash pitting Marcus and his friends against his evil nemesis. Just when he (and us readers) thought things couldn't get any worse, we were left with a doosey of a cliffhanger. Marcus and Maria have found themselves in a bad place. Facing a different sort of threat than they just dealt with, they are outnumbered in terms of firepower and experience. The results is a high octane chase and battle.

Most other series will have a little downtown between arcs. We usually see characters get a break or a new situation set up. That's not the case here. Instead of pressing down on the brakes, Remender jams down on the accelerator to start the story off a bang. Even though the main characters are heavily flawed in many ways, you still can't help but be concerned and on edge as you see a bad situation get even worse. It's a shame what happens on the last page.

Wes Craig's art and Lee Loughridge's colors continue to dazzle us with the visuals. There are many changes in the pacing. We get to see the reactions of the characters along with intense and incredibly choreographed action scenes. I feel like I should be studying each panel for an art appreciation class.

The Bad

There's nothing bad except the horrible situations our characters get in.

The Verdict

DEADLY CLASS is back with a huge bang. Despite the previous arc reaching a conclusion, there's no slowing down. Rick Remender takes the characters and immediately thrusts them into another deadly situation. We Craig's art and Lee Loughridge's colors are amazing. There is a great vibe going on. Simply put, I can't get enough of this series. I love the world of DEADLY CLASS but there's no way I would ever want to actually visit it. This is non-stop action and violence with plenty of substance.