Comic Vine Review


Daredevil: End of Days #3 - Part Three


The mystery of Daredevil's final days continues to unfold as Ben Urich continues the hunt for answers.

The Good

This series continues to leave me with a sinking feeling. We've seen these types of 'final days' stories for characters before. This is definitely one of a different nature. Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack surprised us by showing the brutal death of Daredevil in the near future in the first issue. When aging reporter, Ben Urich, discovers what Matt Murdock's final word was before he died, he became determined to uncover the meaning behind the word. This investigation has lead him to several women from Daredevil's past. As we all know, Daredevil had a way with the ladies.

Future stories are rarely cheerful. There is such a somber vibe that pours off each page. You can feel the anger and desperation by several of the individuals trying to maintain the distance to their previous life with Daredevil. There is so much tension and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire issue. It becomes hard to see what has become of some of these characters. That's a clear sign of how easily Bendis and Mack can get us hooked into the story. We know Daredevil has had many relationship but seeing the aftermath of them. Daredevil may have been a great hero that died a harsh death but it just seemed he was bad news for so many.

The art is phenomenal. The combination of Klaus Janson's pencils with Bill Sienkiewicz's finished art and paintings truly captures the atmosphere of this tale. There is so much raw energy and emotion seen on each panel. I read this issue in print and then went back and re-read it digitally to get another look. The scenes with David Makc's painted art are a thing of beauty as well.

There is also the constant narrative as Ben goes from person to person. The way he describes his encounter with Elektra is so full of detail that you really get a true sense of what he's feeling during that encounter. This is simply a comic that you will definitely want to read every single word on the page as you also spend time taking in every detail of the art.

The Bad

This isn't a happy story. There is one character that is currently dead but alive at this point in time. It is comic books so either this takes place in an alternate future or we could possible expect the return of this character at some point.

The Verdict

There have been so many great runs on Daredevil but this series serves to remind us what Bendis can do with the character. Joined by David Mack (who also provides some painted pages), this is a Daredevil story you won't forget. Marvel has done several "The End" stories in the past but this is of another caliber. With Klaus Janson and Bill Sienkiewicz doing the art and Matt Hollingsworth amazing colors, you'll want to spend a good amount of time just staring at each page. It's a haunting look at the final days of Daredevil. There is a great mystery with a second one added as Ben Urich is unknowingly being followed. No Daredevil fan should skip out on reading this series. Heck, no comic reader should skip it either. You'll be left with a sinking dreary feeling but this is the type of comic that makes you happy you're reading them.