Comic Vine Review


Daredevil: End of Days #1 - Part One


Is this really the end of Daredevil? Bendis and Mack bring us a story with an outcome you might not expect.

The Good

We've seen end stories many times. They can be entertaining but rarely have a memorable feel when you finish. With Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack on board, who have worked on the character together for several issues, it's clear that this won't be just another imaginary/future story. From the first page, things get ugly. This won't be a walk in the park for Daredevil. Bendis and Mack deliver a brutal look at what the near future holds for the character. It's not pretty.

Looking at the cover and considering the title, you might have an idea where this is going to go. What's surprising is the quick direction the story takes. Having Ben Urich present to give his take on the events is fitting and necessary. Not having him here for this would be a crime.

The story isn't as cut and dry as you might think. As you read through, you see the layers beginning to unfold. What starts out as the downfall of a hero turns into a bigger mystery.

Klaus Janson's pencils along with Bill Sienkiewicz's finished art and paintings and Matt Hollingsworth's colors give this story a truly brutal feel. This is exactly the look this story deserves to have.

The Bad

The issues starts out with a heck of a kick. It slows down a bit as we get a retelling of Daredevil's story courtesy of Ben Urich. This is fine for readers who aren't completely familiar with the character or recent events but then they most likely wouldn't be reading this future tale. The art looks great during the flashback pages but just slows down the story with information we already know.

This story will leave you with a sinking feeling. That's the intention and a good sign that the writing accomplishes what it seeks out to do but be prepared.

The Verdict

These future stories telling the final days of a hero can be tough. No one wants to see their favorite heroes get demolished but if it's told with great writing, you can't help but get pulled into it. Bendis and Mack give a dark and brutal look at what's to come of Daredevil. It will leave a sinking feeling as you turn each page with Janson and Sienkiewicz's gritty art. These types of stories are often hit or miss but this one is a hit, as in a hit on the back of your head with a brick. It will leave you reeling as you cringe at what Daredevil's future may hold for him. Just when you think you have the series figured out, a wrench comes flying your way to catch you by surprise. This is a heavy comic and it's exactly what you'd want from the series.