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Daredevil: Dark Nights #2 - Angels Unaware, Part 2: Hannah's Heart Hannah's Hope Review


Hannah desperately needs a new heart, but the helicopter transporting it has crashed. Can Daredevil face the harsh weather and get the heart back in time to save the girl?

The Good

DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS is a nice escape from your traditional superhero books. Instead of spectacle and over the top adventures, this title aims for a far more grounded approach to Daredevil and places a key focus on character.

Daredevil's body and mind are weak after the events of the last issue, but it matters not because a small girl's life is in the balance and he's her only hope. Writer Lee Weeks delivers a great and hugely engaging opening sequence as Daredevil endures the snowstorm to hopefully reach the helicopter's crash site. It's a solid insight into Murdock's dire situation and what he'll do (or won't do) to save Hannah's life -- it's easily the most compelling part of the issue.

Weeks also does a more than able job fleshing out the cast of characters involved in this scenario. They never steal too much panel time -- they're given just the right amount of spotlight to avoid making Daredevil's trek feel repetitive or drawn out. From the hospital workers finding a way to cover Murdock's tracks to the father utilizing his resources in an attempt to save his daughter, it's all thoroughly amusing or appropriately dramatic material. Plus, it leads to the introduction of a very famous Daredevil villain and that's definitely something that'll invest your interest.

Just like the last issue, this is a superb looking book. From the daunting amount of snowfall hitting Murdock so we can appreciate his struggle to the excellent character detail on just about everyone, not a single page goes by without a panel worthy of your gaze. There's a few particularly creative page layouts and overall this continues to be a great visual experience.

The Bad

I understand Daredevil's intimidating in a certain moment and the goon's response certainly is funny, but it's tough to believe the guy would dive out a window like that instead of simply running away. I thought perhaps Matt threw him out, but the dialogue immediately after reveals he was scared away.

Why wouldn't Matt ask the authorities for help in his mission after the helicopter scene? Matt was already exhausted beyond belief before diving into the freezing Hudson river and after that experience he was far worse off. The man could barely make it there... so why would he think he could make it back on his own? I understand they may not hear his screams at that distance, but why not try? Heck, he could even throw the billy club at the ferry to get their attention. I understand he needs to rush, but like we see shortly after, he's beyond drained.

The Verdict

DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS #2 is a well-written and fairly gripping experience. If you can't stand seeing Daredevil not at the top of his game, then you're best off avoiding this. But if you're okay with a more down to Earth, character driven tale with remarkable art, then I absolutely recommend giving this a read.