Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #3


A classic and rather unlikely villain makes his return to Marvel comics (well, sort of) in the third issue of Daredevil.

Believe it or not, Matt Murdock can't seem to get himself out of every situation -- particularly when his opponent(s) seem to have heightened senses as well. Klaw returns in the third issue of Daredevil; well, sort of. Some spoilers.

The Good

The art. The art is just so incredible! The last two issues have been absolutely gorgeous and this one is no different. The Paolo Rivera (pencils), Joe Rivera (inks) and Javier Rodriguez (colors) artistic team on this book work magnificently together. When Rivera draws Daredevil it's obvious that he is taking into consideration the fact that Matt can't see, so you often see things through his perspective. Never before did I imagine that an artist would be so capable of capturing heightened sound, but Rivera does this brilliantly. I want to also point out how fantastic Rodriguez's colors are in this issue -- not only does he compliment Rivera's pencils, but he switches gears when the scene calls for a flashback. In the scene where Daredevil is captured and Klaw is explaining who he is, there is a flashback and the panels feel like Jack Kirby had drawn them. It's absolutely breathtaking.

The story is good too. Matt is back to his old self, spewing some of this week's sassiest one liners while still managing to deliver a solid story. The book picks up where we last saw Matt, he is strapped down to some kind of strange machine and he cannot move. Any sudden movements will cause his captors to immediately re-restrain him, While these scenes don't last long, you do get the impression that this isn't the last we have seen of this particular villain, and that he is more than capable of being the perfect challenge for Matt.

The Bad

The latter portion of the issue does seem a bit rushed, and it's not clear as to why the writer felt he had to wrap things up here. It would have been better if the issue had been drawn out a bit more. If you read the issue then think about the court scenes and you will understand. Matt finds he cannot defend his client, so he instead decides to teach his former client to defend himself. I find it a little bit hard to believe that anyone could be taught to defend themselves that quickly in front of an entire court room, but okay. The pacing in the final scenes of this issue are inconsistent with the first half of the book and should have been drawn out.

The Verdict

This issue is entertaining. The art is incredible, and the story is pretty good. It's nice to see a classic character like Klaw make an appearance in this series. While there are certainly some inconsistencies, this continues to be a fun series. However, I don't know how necessary it is to stress to the reader that Murdock's a ladies man -- We get it. He likes the ladies. In all seriousness though, good issue. New readers should at least pick up issue #2 in order to get a solid understanding of the story here.